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Lawyer and founding partner of SLM ATTORNEYS, Professor at the Universidad Latina de Panamá -  Penonome Campus. She specializes in Labor Law, Alternate Methods of Conflict Resolution and Industrial Safety of Mining in open sky.


Ms. Rubio has extensive experience in the individual and collective work environment and previously served as legal Advisor for the Special Labor Directorate of Panama Mining Project (Minera Panama), She was also part of the Board of Tripartite Court of the Province of Cocle.


Ms. Rubio is currently a business consultant and has as priorities to advise on all the legal needs that your company may require. Ms. Lurkys Miranda Rubio is a member of the Latin American Institute of Labor Law and Social Safety.

Lawyer and founding partner of SLM ATTORNEYS with extensive experience in Migration Law, Work Permits and Special Laws (Copper Mine Project).

Ms. Miranda has been a legal consultant for national and multinational companies in areas related to the legal foundations for the incorporation of companies, and the proper development of their operations within the Republic of Panama.


Ms. Saisly Miranda Rubio is currently a member of YLAI NETWORK of the State Department of the United States of America, in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Associate Lawyer of SLM ATTORNEYS and Professor in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the Autonomous University of Chiriqui.


Ms. Corea specializes in Procedural Law and Administration of Justice, She also specializes in Research Methodology and has more than 17 years of experience of litigation in Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Means of Appeal.


Ms. Marina Rubio Corea is a member of the National Bar Association.

Lurkys Miranda Rubio
Saisly Miranda Rubio
Marina Rubio Corea
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